3D Ceramics - collaborators


Biennial terracotta Soul of earth and flame, an event that begins with the firm purpose of interconnecting the creative hub of the 3D Catalan ceramic sector.
All the presentations and demos are broadcasted in our website and Facebook.
With 3D ceramic printing as the focus of the debate, the presentations and shared experiences bring together researchers and creators. To show ceramics in the architectural field and also as a unique artistic piece.
Gathering 3d clay extrusion programming technicians.



COUDRE.STUDIO. RAUL NIEVES (digital creator) VALERIA USTÁREZ (product designer).


44-Manel Caro

MANEL CARO, product designer.



BCN 3D CERAMICS, MARTÍ BALTÀ, designer and ceramist.


tb-industrialLA INDUSTRIAL ART School, by MARC VIDAL, Potter and technical ceramist, and RAMÓN ALMEDA CHÁVEZ, industrial designer.



Iaac (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) and fablabbacn. Architects, Elisabetta Carnevale, Edouard Cabay, Alexandre Dubor and students.



Noumena.Architecture @LaMaquina3D Wasp.  Aldo Sollazzo  & Eugenio Bettucchi.

  tb-dart-conservacionDART CONSERVACIÓN. Pacheco.



CARLES MORANT, Ceramic craftsman. Creative artistic. Teacher of ceramics, fine arts and creativity.