Bases to participate in the exhibition space.

October 16th, 17th and 18th
1st edition




ART. 1 - The purpose of this Regulation is the administrative regulation of sales exercised in the exhibitors' space at the Terracotta Biennal and it will take place every 2 years in la Bisbal d'Empordà.

ART. 2 - CONCEPT It is an exhibition space within Terracotta Biennal, a cultural, artistic, handmade ceramic event in southern Europe. To improve the appreciation and perception of ceramics among society, bring, more and better, La Bisbal ceramics to market sectors with potential interest: design, interior design, gardening, architecture, gastronomy, ... and show the ceramic art as a trade and as a possible training and professional future.

A festive event of the Ceramics of monographic character, directed to the professionals of the sector of the ceramics, galleries, specialized magazines, publishing houses and institutions linked to the ceramics.

ART. 3 - CELEBRATION Terracotta Biennal is celebrated from Friday to Sunday, on October 16th, 17th and 18th. The exhibition space will be developed outside the Terracotta Museum.

ART. 4 - TIMETABLE The event will start on Friday and finish on Sunday afternoon. The opening hours will be specified by the organization soon.

ART. 5 - ENTRY The access of visitors will have a reduced cost that will include entrance to the museum.

ART. 6 - Characterization The sales positions offered correspond to an outdoor exhibition space under the same roof.

ART. 7 - The cost of participation in the exhibition space includes covered structure of the external space of the Terracotta Museum, the occupancy rate on public roads, cleaning and night security.

There are 2 stand options:

• Option A: Space without partitions and delimited (2x3) under covered structure. Participation cost 150€. (Does not include electrical connection, or wall structure)

• Option B: Stand (2x3) under covered structure. Participation cost  250€. With partition wall (3*1* 2m) and electrical connection.


* 10% of discount will be offered to all associates of Ceramistas la Bisbal association and Ceramic Brand of La Bisbal.

The organization assumes the costs of the advertising campaign and the activities that will be organized during the fair. In case of other service needs for the development of your activity consult the organization.

 This first edition of the Terracotta Biennal will be dedicated to 3D, recreational activities, conferences, round tables ... held in the Terracotta Museum, will be related to this application to ceramics. There will also be other actions related to ceramics throughout La Bisbal.


A. Distribution of spaces: The allocation of spaces is an exclusive right of the organization and will be based on technical considerations related to the whole of the exhibition and the material to be exhibited and marketed according to the selection committee that will value from the applications submitted.

B. Specific rules for exhibitors: Each company will individually expose its own products, and therefore resale is prohibited. Direct sale is authorized. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the immediate closure of the stand by the organization.

C. Assembly: The responsibility for the interior assembly of the space corresponds exclusively to each exhibitor. The facilities and the placement of merchandise must be made from 8 am in the morning and must be fully finished at 2:00 pm on October 16, coinciding with the opening of the Fair. The exhibitor have to leave the stand or space assigned to it in perfect condition, and will be responsible for any damage. You can not make any type of decoration (paint, wallpaper, hole) that causes irreversible damage to the stands. In this case, the organization may require the amount of damages caused, as well as the replacement to its original state.

D. Disassembly: The dismantling of the stands may not begin until the last day (October 18), after the closing time of the fair. The facilities and elements supplied by the City Council of La Bisbal must be returned in the same conditions and in the same state in which they were delivered.

E. Safety and insurance: The exhibitor must take the necessary security and protection measures for the exposed products. On the nights of October 16 and 17 there will be a night watch service, but the organization declines all responsibility for the damages and thefts that the facilities and exhibits could suffer. Theft insurance will be paid by each exhibitor, as well as a civil liability insurance covering a minimum of 150,30€ in accordance with the provisions of article 80 of Decree 112/2010, of August 31, whereby the regulation of public shows and recreational activities is approved.

F. The exhibitor waives the claim of damages that may occur in the products exhibited due to rain, wind, theft or deficiencies in the assembly of the stands

ART. 9 -PRODUCTS TO SELL The different exhibitors present at the Terracotta Biennal may only sell and display their own articles.

ART. 10 - CONTROL The organization and selection committee will be responsible for supervising the artistic and artisan level of the pieces exhibited throughout the Biennial.

ART. 11 - REQUIREMENTS For the exercise of the sale during the fair, the exhibitors must meet the following requirements: a) The company should be registered with the corresponding heading and be up to date with the payment of taxes. b) Be registered and up to date with Social Security payments. c) Comply with the requirements established by regulation regarding the product sold in the market.

ART. 12 - CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF THE SITE The exhibitor is obliged to maintain his stand, as well as his surroundings, in perfect cleaning conditions, during the opening hours of the Fair and when it is finished. The cleaning of the common spaces will be borne by the City Council.

ART. 13 - OTHER RULES The use of loudspeakers and musical devices from the stands of the exhibitors are not allowed, as well as advertising that may disturb neighboring exhibitors or visitors of the Fair.

Art.14.- To guarantee the highest quality, applications received within the deadline will be subject to a selection, carried out by the Selection Committee, formed by professionals from the world of artistic and artisan ceramics. Therefore, it reserves the right to admit or deny permission to participate in Terracotta Biennal.


Open call until 15th May 2020